Andrew Neu - Catwalk

To the tenor saxophone Andrew Neu is an eclectic musician who has worked with the best names in pop and jazz, often on endless tours together with those who have a huge audience following. For this engraving in his own name he chose to do things big, with a big band that works as a perfect mechanism and tested in every detail. The dedication to all the great names of jazz who have written for great orchestras and has taken as soloists famous names such as Randy Brecker or Bob Mintzer to the tenor sax. The pieces proposed were composed by Neu, but there are also two famous standards and Nuovo Cinema Paradiso by Morricone.Obviously the leader brings out the best from his musicians, perfectly in tune with the compositions, fast and precise in following the scores and the soloists who from time to time give the change. Neu shows himself in great shape when he takes solos, for example on Juggernaut who opens the album. On Zebrano , a classic Latin song is Randy Brecker, on Catwalk that gives the title to the album there is the vibraphone by Craig Fundyga. My Dear is with the wonderful intervention of Eric Marienthal on alto sax, a song all beautifully executed for him. The leader returns to the tenor sax on the famous What Is This Thing Called Love standard , performed with great dynamics. On the famous Cinema Paradiso , one of the best moments on the album, there are two very lyrical solos of the leader and trumpeter Rick Braun. Overall a very enjoyable album that shows mainstream jazz for big bands from its best side.