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Smooth Jazz Concert Reviews

Neu, clearly one of the newest members my “musician of musicians,” displayed his exceptional musical skills and imagination for two solid –and I mean solid—and continuous hours with a remarkable support group of musicians (keyboardist/musical director Demetrius Pappas, guitarist Richard Tucker , bassist Jason Long, and drummer Matt Curran). As if Neu wasn’t enough of a high-octane combustible commodity alone, the band was also in need of a fire extinguisher all night long as they followed and were often showcased (as was the case with Pappas, Tucker, and Curran) with Neu along his path of musical paradise. 

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Andrew Neu – Everything Happens For A Reason

I’ve been awaiting a new release from saxman Andrew Neu for a bit. Since I tried something “Neu” in 2009, his melodies and vibe have remained with me.  Now, Everything Happens for a Reason is here and worth every minute of the wait.

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Andrew Neu – Try Something Neu

Some artists and their material achieve such a comfort level from the very beginning, and that comfort level is conveyed to listeners so early on, that the fact it attracts many of the peers in that particular genre is almost inevitable. Such is the case with saxophonist/composer Andrew Neu and his latest release, Try Something Neu, a delightful musical adventure indeed.

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